Upcoming JobFair

Hon. Vilas Bapu Bhumare



About Jobfair

Job fair India specifically organise job fair for entry level people. Job fair India organise job fair to connect job seekers with potential employers. These events provide an opportunity for job seekers to meet with representatives from different companies and learn about job openings, career paths, and industry trends.


  • *10 years of experience in Job for industry.
  • *Organised more than 250 job fairs till now.
  • *Having 500+ TOP Leading companies as clients.
  • *More than 1,32,629 unemployed youth were provided good job opportunities in reputed companies.
  • *4,91,220 + unemployed youth participated in job fair.

Job fair India offer several benefits for job seekers, including the opportunity to:

  • *Meet with multiple employers in one location
  • *Learn about job openings and company cultures
  • *Make a positive impression with recruiters and hiring managers
  • *Network with other job seekers and industry professionals
  • *Get career advice and interview tips from experts

For employers, job fairs are a valuable tool for attracting and recruiting top talent:

  • *Meet with a large number of potential candidates in a short amount of time
  • *Showcase your company and employment opportunities
  • *Assess candidate skills and qualifications in person
  • *Build brand awareness and establish relationships with job seekers